Online Video Game Review: Travian

A video game that requires the player to manage resources does not make for an exciting prospect. But games like this have been around for almost as long as Space Invaders. The originals were text-only, without graphics, and were turn-based. The player could farm crops, mine resources, build armies and castles, and make war on their simulated neighbors – it was a very simple concept. Over time they have become a gaming genre that includes popular titles such as ‘Age of Empires’ and ‘Civilization’. The genre has become more complex with the addition of graphics, development of technologies, and many other options.
Travian is a relatively recent newcomer to this genre, and it is key features that it is online, multiplayer and lasts for months. It is also browser-based, meaning there is nothing to download onto a PC and it can be accessed from anywhere. This accessibility, combined with the simplicity of the graphics, means that it can be played from handheld devices such as the iPhone.

Travian is at heart a resource management game – the player is given a village and has to build up stocks of resources: crops, lumber, iron and clay. Increased resources allows field to be upgraded, which in turn allows yet more resources to be generated. There is an increasing variety of buildings to construct – from simple grain stores to city walls, a barracks or a marketplace. Each one has a different function – barracks is needed to build soldiers and a marketplace in order to trade with neighbors.

The player chooses their own strategy. They can opt to take a peaceful approach, building up resources by careful farming and by trading with other players. Or they can be more aggressive, putting together an army with which to raid neighbors. Or it can be a combination of the two. The player has the freedom to choose how to use the resources at their disposal.

Travian is played in real time. That is,resources accumulate as the clock ticks by, and the player may have to wait for several hours before they have enough to being constructing another building or upgrading a field. This means that Travian is best played by short, frequent visits to the website. The best players check in several times a day, but players can get by with only the occasional visit.

Alliances are formed by players banding together, where the power of individuals is harnessed for the greater good of the community. But these alliances are only as effective as the players in them, and those who lead them.

One final point about Travian – but a great one – is that it is free to play. It is possible to spend real dollars by buying gold, which allows certain advantages in the game, such as reducing build times. But the game can be enjoyed at no cost at all, and probably the majority of people play it this way.

Bullet Force makes your free time worthy

Bullet force is a wonderful battle game with amazing environments and attractive graphics. It is a shooting category game in which the first person shooter is a player. In this game you can see various type of playing methods like as single player, multiplayer, campaign, team death, and vehicle and gunplay mode. Have a fun with your friends while playing a game as a team multiplayer mode will make you more interesting. The Wi-Fi or internet connection is required to play multiplayer mode in this game.

This is one of the shooting games to shoot the enemy team. It consists of all country names for the team battle. First, player will choose the playing mode of the game and he need to choose the character to play the game. Then the next step is to select the team or country. If another player had this game and turned on connectivity then they would connect to that player to play multiplayer mode in this game. It is calculating the number of killed person in enemy team, then it measure total number of killing amount. Different location will make you feel realistic and you need to survive without get killed by your opponent.

Game Play modes

The player can chose the single player campaign mode or single player team death match mode based on the player desire. In a campaign mode the player need to select the place for battle and the game will start in the selected location, the player need to move to kill the enemy team. The player can contain the 6 different types of weapon. The weapon includes granite, knife and some guns like as AK-47, sub machine gun, RPG-672, and so on. The level is up depending upon the player score and number of enemy killed in given time. In this game, time coordination and concentration is very important thing. In team death match mode the player need to kill all person in the opponent team in given time.

Bullet Force for PC

The bullet force mobile game is highly reached in all over the world and it had high rating and more number of downloads count. So the game team is planned to release the bullet force game advanced version for personal computers. The bullet force game is first person shooting 3D game. Especially the shooting game and racing games are wanted high resolution to make your play better.

Bullet force hack cheat online

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Hack features of bullet force

  • Get limitless gold
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  • Anti-ban system for securing your account
  • No need to download or install anything

Compatible to work in all platforms on your preference.

Become the best General in Boom Beach

We all are a great fan of online games and that too when it comes to interactive games like Boom Beach. The gaming experience goes to the next level, Boom Beach is a self-building and self-protecting game that you need to protect your base from the enemy attacks and you can do the vice versa. You can build your own strong base, play and upgrade the defense systems and techniques, increase the level and unlock the characters that fight behalf of you, some characters are really strong and powerful and the others are not. You can actually go and hunt for the resources from the other players across the world to improve your defense systems. You require to assemble and stockpile for various possessions that you require to stay sustainable such as Stone, Wood, Iron and the most important resource is the gold which is hard to get.

What is a Boom Beach hack?

As we have seen earlier what all we have to do to earn the gold using which we actually develop the troops for the combat. Often times it is irritating and very disturbing for few to continuously play the game and for few they cannot actually wait for the whole day or the whole time to get hold of few gold coins. Victory is a must for the human’s attitude because only few can accept the failure. But by using Boom Beach cheats nothing can disappoint you. You get unlimited of everything that you require to fight with the enemy. A hack tool helps you to make the things easy for you so that you wouldn’t keep spending much time on the game spoiling your work. Instead of regeneratively wasting your time for so lengthy span of time and you can easily use the Boom Beach Hack that makes your work easy and simple. Well it is not that easy to get things done but with the Boom Beach hack everything is possible at an ease of a click.

Why choose Boom Beach Hack?

  • Free from money,
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Over the years, technology have been developed and upgraded the software a numerous time to meet the growing industries and their highly competitiveness has brought us to move from our comfort zone and work for your smoothness so that things only could get better and nothing else could stop that. Use the most advanced Boom Beach Hack tool to make your game play well and get all that you require completely. Many have inputted enormous trust and there are many company is working hard to keep you happy, just enter your details and finish your process. Games are the best companion to make your moment happy and make your life happy.

Story line of hay day farming game

Hay day is a premium farming game for mobile which was designed and lunched by the super cell. This hay day game is supported by all the mobile devices. In this game the player’s uncle is incapable to manage of his farm further so he gives the responsibility of maintaining the land to the player. The game starts with the scarecrow which teaches the player about harvesting the wheat. By selling the wheat products the player can earn the coins, which is used to buy the production buildings and the decorative items. The experience points are used by the player to level up the game. Players can form the team consisting of neighborhood members to help each other when there is a need for each other. At initial stage the farm land contains a house, barn land and a silo. The ground is filled with trees and the rocks which seem to be that the land is not suitable for the farming. The initial goal of the player is that he needs to convert this barren land to a fertile farm for cultivating the crops.

The game involves you upgrading the farm and making the land to be a fruitful and earn the money by making it as business. The game allows the player to buy the animals, crops and buy new buildings by clearing the land. Hay day game feature has two distinct types of currencies namely the diamonds and the coins. Each currency has its own use.Hay Day free diamonds are the most valuable currencies than the coins collected in every run. In which you can also get the unlimited coins and diamonds by using the hay day hack generator tool. In which you need specify the username and the amount of coins and diamonds you needed to play the game and the resources will be added to your account. At the initial stage the player will be given 30 diamonds to start and play the game.

Speeding up the production in the farm

The player can speed up the production just by tapping the object present in the hay day game. After activating it you can see the bar at the bottom of the screen showing the amount of time remaining for deactivating the speed. The diamond icon in the right represents the cost spent for speeding up the production. When you like to speed up the production then you need to click the lightning bolt symbol. The player uses the coins to buy the prettier things needed to improve the farm.  The players can collect the hay day coins very easily. Primarily the player gets the coins buy selling the products produced by the farm. Where the main currency need to buy is diamond by spending the actual money. You can earn the diamonds at every time you level up 1 or 2 diamonds while be added to your game account. And also you can get the 5 diamonds just by logging on to the social media.

The way to Hack Clash Royale

When you are playing the game clash royale, you will have to be very conscious in getting the important resources such as elixir, dark elixir and gold. It is because these are the most important things which are needed to do many things in the game. With the help of these resources, the individuals are able to enhance the power of the army members in the game and also they are able to build defensive blocks in the battle field and protect their team members. Without the resources, the individuals are not able to do anything.

People who are playing the game for the first time will not be aware of these things and they will simply concentrate on attacking the opponents and eventually they will regret for their mistake. However, if you want to be a successful player in the game then you must pay attention to the resources and collect them without fail. Clash royale is a multiplayer game therefore many people will be associated with you in the game and hence you have to prove yourself as the best player among them. For that purpose, you need resources and you will have to make use of the special features present in the game.

Apart from the resources, you have to get gems by spending the real money. This is one of the drawbacks in the game. You can struggle a lot and put utmost effort in order to get the needed resources but you will not be ready to pay money for getting the other important things. In fact this is the thing which makes many people to feel frustrated. However, if you do not want to struggle to get resources and pay money for getting gems, then you can prefer the alternative options available in online.

You may wonder about what are the other options to get all these things. Actually when you are using those alternative options, you will not have to struggle and you do not have to face any trouble. In fact many people in the present days are using those options and they are playing this game in the hassle free manner. The alternative options in online are hacking tools. People prefer to hack clash royale because if can help them out with gems .

The online tools will be very easy for the people to access and hence they can simply go online and use the tools. By using the hacking tools, people are able to get gems without spending any money and also they are able to increase the amount of resources like gold, elixir and dark elixir in the hassle free manner. Therefore this will be the ideal option for the people who use to struggle in playing this game. However, some of the people would like to prefer offline hacking tool for this purpose.

The main reason is they will not be having internet connection all the time therefore they would prefer the hacking tool which can be accessed in offline and download it to their system or device. But there are some troubles in downloading the game to the device. When they are doing it, their device may get affected by malware programs and they may corrupt the operating system and other things in the device. Therefore the individuals should remember this and take the better decision accordingly. Many people use to be negligent in this case and they will simply download the tool for their purpose eventually they will be dealing with many problems. In order to avoid such troubles, it is always better to prefer the online hacking tools.

What is the purpose of madden NFL mobile hack

Basically madden NFL mobile is the American football sports game and it is based on the National Football League game. This game is published by the EA sports and this game is compatible for both iOS and android platforms. This game is basically mobile version of Madden Ultimate Team and this game is consists of amazing features such as cards and players. One of the main benefits of this game, players can earn real world currency in this game. If you are looking to earn money then you have to participate in the live events. Live events are one of the best choices to get coins and card packs. Typically this game is freemium game so players have to spend their real world currency to purchase the bundles and packs. Madden NFLS game is level based game and if anyone is reached certain level then other players are restricted to reach this level. The game is follows the same rules which is followed in original football game and if you are not aware of football game then it is quite difficult to play this game.


Getting the information about madden NFL mobile game

When it comes to the gameplay of this game then this game is having wide range of category to play this game such as

  • Sets
  • League
  • Packs
  • Auction house
  • Season
  • Live events
  • Head to head

Live events is one of the game mode of madden NFL mobile game and players can participate the live events. If you are spending your real world currency to get stamina then you can easily win this game and you can get more reward which includes


  • Experience points
  • Card packs
  • Coins

Basically there are three different types of events are there like daily warm-up, legacy and scrimmage. Scrimmage events are occurs more than one in a day so players can try this events twice in a day. At the same time this game is consists of different types of challenges which is includes

  1. Veterans
  2. Champions
  3. Domination
  4. Coin up
  5. Treasure hunt

So above are the challenges of this game and if you are willing to win this game then it might be quite difficult because you have to use money to increase your stamina. In a modern world no one is interested to spend their real world currency to this game. But as everyone knows technology has improved a lot so players can use madden nfl mobile hack to win this game. It is a tool and it is really helpful to increase your stamina and increase your points without knowing other players. But there are plenty of hacking tools are available in online so you have to carefully choose the best hacking tool.

What are the advantages of using madden NFL mobile hacking tool

If you are choosing the best madden nfl mobile hack like this one maddennflexclusive then you can get the plenty of advantages such as

  • Scripted for anti ban
  • Automatic updates
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  • Compatible for both android and iOS
  • User friendly interface.
  • Undetectable
  • Unlimited cash and coins
  • Unlimited stamina

So above are the advantages of this game and this game are provides plenty of benefits to the players. One of the main advantages of this tool, it is offers unlimited stamina so it is really helpful to win this game without spending your hard earned money. So try to select the best hacking tools for your hacking purpose because some of the tools might have spyware and malware.


Dragon city- Best online game to play

At present, the dragon city is one of the most popular online games that love to play by everyone. It is an amazing game to enjoy the world full of dragons that requires to fee and also take care of them to make bigger. The specialty of this game is bringing a lot of exciting adventures and entertainment to all the players. In this game, you need to get unlimited amount of gems, gold and food for buying new dragons. These dragons can be helpful to battle against with other dragon city players. To get all these resources, you can simply use the dragon city hack and obtain unlimited amount of gems, gold and foods for free in this game.

The dragon city hack is very simple and easy to access for all the players. People who are playing this game for a long time would face the problem of lack of resources. This game can offer such resources in unlimited amount that is good enough to enjoy the game in a great way. All you need to do is to simply download the dragon city hack and use it for generating unlimited resources for your dragons. These do not require you spend any cost; rather you can get unlimited entertainment on this game. For playing this game, you would definitely generate maximum number of dragons.


How to use dragon city hack?

Playing with dragons can be an amazing experience for the players, so one like to play again and again. To enjoy this awesome game, you need to check out the dragon city this is completely filled with a lot of interesting challenges and quests to enjoy. To improve your gaming experience, you need to check out the dragon city hack tool that surely takes your game play to the whole new level. If you want to know how to use this, you just follow the steps given below:

  • First, to connect your face book account to the app
  • Select the right amount of gems, gold and food
  • Download the hack tool , dragoncityexclusive is a good one
  • Connect the device to your system
  • Install the dragon city hack
  • Generate unlimited amount of desired resources

Tips to play dragon city

There are lots of websites available to access and play dragon city online. To gain experience on this dragon city game, you need to train your dragon like a professional player and collect all the resources.